Ann Braine

In common with so many people, I always had a desire to write a book, but being a working mum with a husband and two children to care for, I had precious little time for non-essential activities.

I started writing ten years ago when I found myself with time on my hands, having semi-retired as a Health Professional in the NHS.

Initially my interest was in writing a novella but I soon discovered that my ideas were more suited to shorter stories. I now write flash fiction, monologues and short stories of no particular genre. It’s a pastime that I find totally absorbing and uplifting.

My inspiration comes from recent events and experiences. I try to make my stories light hearted with a twist at the end. As all writers know, sometimes characters take on a life of their own, and the finished ‘masterpiece’ bears no semblance to the initial plan.

I have entered numerous competitions over the years, mainly for writing magazines. The discipline of a deadline and a prescribed topic, motivates me to put pen to paper and helps to concentrate my mind.

I have also attended a number of stimulating writing workshops and seminars.

Six years ago I joined Walton Wordsmiths, and I have found their support, knowledge and friendship invaluable. Their suggestions and comments have given me confidence and helped to improve my writing skills.

Short stories