Short stories


By Ann Braine

With finger poised in position Jo hesitated, was this really such a good idea. It had seemed a brilliant idea at the time, but then Jo often had flashes of inspiration that turned out to be terrible mistakes.

Once that door was opened there was no going back. Jo stared at it for a long time trying to make the right decision. Some might think it insignificant and not worth the time but Jo liked to weigh up all the pros and cons before committing to anything. After all, this decision would not only affect Jo, Emily had to be considered. It was not Jo’s intention to upset Emily. Would she laugh and say of course she didn’t mind or would she burst into tears? It was difficult to know with Emily, it could go either way.

Jo concluded the issue would be better considered with a strong drink so switched the coffee machine on and then paced up and down the kitchen until it was ready. With cup in hand Jo returned to stare at that door. What was behind it? It would be so easy to open it and find out.

            ‘Oh for heaven’s sake, don’t be so ridiculous’ said Jo.

Then he stood up, grabbed his car keys and rushed out the door to pick up Emily from playschool. The door would remain firmly closed.

After all, it was Emily’s advent calendar.

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