New Website

Welcome to our new website!

It has been made possible following a generous grant from the R. C. Sherriff Trust. Thank you! There are also many other people to thank!

Thanks to Tim Mitchell for helping us get this up and running, and for introducing us to Jaz Brooks  who has built this website for us and done a brilliant job. It has taken many months of deliberation and dedication to produce it and we are all excited with the result.

Also many thanks to Judy Joel for her brilliant picture of the river at Walton on Thames and to the Thames Valley Skiff Club for giving us permission to use it. We are grateful to Sarah Clarke for going out of her way to provide us with the print.

The river is a hugely enjoyable part of Walton on Thames and there are several river walks and boating clubs. In the summer the river is teeming with all kinds of boats from canoes and paddle boards to larger boats offering short cruises. I have always wanted to take the three-hour boat trip to London… hopefully this summer.  

Over the last year, during lockdown and all the setbacks and restrictions we have been meeting fortnightly on Zoom. A lot of our discussion has been about the website and we have been continuing to share our writing news and discuss our various manuscripts. Guy has been continuing with his novels and non-fiction works, Ann and Howard with their short stories and I have been putting the finishing touches to my novel The Asymmetric Man. Shelley has been having a break.

This website is a new beginning for us and we hope to revitalise our creativity and welcome new members.


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