November Blog

Can we really be in November with just 4 weeks to go before Christmas. I’m sure I am not alone in wondering what on earth has happened to 2022.

We continue to meet regularly to exchange news and ideas.

Guy had some exciting news to share with us. He is considered to be an expert in our country’s Windmills, and it was in this capacity that BBC South contacted him recently. They wanted him to do a piece on camera about Wendover windmill. We look forward to an update at our next meeting.

Trudy continues to wait patiently for the SWWJ to decide whether ‘The Asymmetric Man’ is worthy of publishing. Meantime she has written a poem about global warming and Planet Earth.

Howard read a continuation of his story about Harry and the Gizmo, an amusing piece which made us laugh.

I am struggling with suitable endings to my stories. I start writing full of enthusiasm for my character and then run out of steam. My fellow writers were able to give me some valuable pointers which included me knowing more about my main character, her background, thoughts and dreams.

We will meet again before Christmas to share some seasonal fayre.

Ann Braine

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