The Beloved


Thank you, my beloved,
for nurturing me,
for supporting me,
for sustaining me within your loving embrace for so long

You know who I am

Forgive me, my beloved
for always relying on you
for not respecting you
for ignoring your subtle hints

You know who I am

I’m sorry, my beloved
for taking you for granted
for not seeing your fragility
for not appreciating your abundance

You know who I am

I’m sorry for drowning in the illusion of my needy, greedy, petty self
whilst you drown in the abuse of a million trillion ignorances

You know who we are

Ashamed to state the truth
ashamed that we still can’t hear
the call to arms

For whilst we will most likely perish
You, my beloved, Planet Earth
a pale blue dot
swimming in the unbounded sea of creation
will go on and on

Alex Rushton

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