October Blog

A season of mellow fruitfulness for some and creative thought lost in the mist for others.  I have been one of the latter. I did not follow my own advice: you have to sit down and write – not wait for the creative muse to appear – and the words and a storyline will follow. But it is a temporary blip that, thankfully, afflicted me for just a few weeks which I put down to the weather and holiday.

For the rest of our group it has been a bountiful month with books published or at the printers press. Jess, Guy and Trudy are all at the starting gate ready to unleash their latest offerings to the reading public. Jess and Guy write every single day and it is hugely motivating and we admire them for their tenacity and creativity.

The Weybridge Festival gave the Walton Wordsmiths an opportunity to display our work and it was performed with aplomb by professional actors as well some readings by the authors. Our writing included short stories, a play and chapters from recent books. It was a proud day for all of us and we gave each other a huge pat on the back for the quality of our submissions.

But we aren’t resting on our laurels and I look forward to our next meeting in mid October when we can present new work and new ideas to our writing group.


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