January 2024 Blog

Staying in because of the cold at least enables you to get a lot more writing done! We did have our usual monthly meeting at the Men’s Shed in Weybridge, and on arrival were a little concerned to find a frozen droplet of water sticking out of one of the taps…fortunately after some initial coaxing the heating came on line and we were able to proceed.

Alex Rushton’s recent novel The Asymmetric Man has been getting good reviews. She has been busy blogging and also read out a few of her poems at a SWWJ Zoom meeting. She and I attended the SWWJ’s annual Christmas tea party. Howard has been busy editing and improving some of his previous work.

I have produced a second edition of my book on philosophy which I hope to get a plug for in the journal “Philosophy Now”. I’m still waiting for a reply from WH Smiths re a book launch for my latest novel, “Theory of Death”. A lot of hard work and a lot of cajolery are involved in seeking success as an author, these days!

WW will be participating in and helping out at the Oatlands Village Fair (10th-11th May). We will also in the near future be holding interviews about our work, either individually or as a group, with David Jemitus of Brooklands Radio.

Guy Blythman

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