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I don’t know how many of you have had computer problems recently but I have been cyberspatially challenged, to a greater or lesser extent, this last month and a half. A while before Christmas my computer started to have difficulties typing certain characters, one of which was the letter “e”. Since “e” is the commonest letter in the English language, this presented something of a problem (it also objected to the pound sign and the number three, which were at least on the same key). There followed a veritable saga of frustration at the inefficiency of the major software company to whom I took my troubles, which finally ended when I purchased a new computer (apparently there were not the parts with which to effect repairs!) in March. The company shall remain nameless, although they are called…

Fortunately, my writing had been able to continue in the meantime, my local church having generously allowed me to use the computer in their parish office. As for the wider world of WW, we have finally plucked up the courage to have our first “in the flesh” meeting for two years.

Trudy continues to work towards the long overdue publication of her novel The Asymmetric Man. At our final (hopefully) Zoom meeting I should have observed the theme, which was “What I really wanted to say to that shop assistant…”, as following my recent experiences with XXXXXX I would have had much to contribute! As it was, Ann read out one of her excellent vignettes, this time taking on those who offer “disservice with a smile”, and Howard told us a true story of how the chance renewal of an old acquaintance overcame the problem of rudeness and unhelpfulness at a department store run by a major national company who shall remain nameless, although they are called…


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