October Blog

The last two months have been hard even to lift the pen up from the desk. For some it has been for personal reasons which would have stopped anyone. For me, it was the dread hand of inertia. Just failing to start. Bereft of ideas and a lack of that essential quality, stickability. Guy has it. He writes every day regardless. A new novel in the making and a just completed book on windmills ready for publication. I call that inspirational and why I will not give up.

None of us has given up. Let me be kind and say that we had taken a rest. Guy’s work ethic and his doggedness helped pull us through. And this is what is so important. It just needs one person to give us the impetus to get started again. At the end of our fortnightly meeting last week we were all grittily determined to re-enter the fray. I recall from some years ago when I told my tutor that I had lost a week of writing time for an essay that was due. I told her that I had no ideas in my head about what to write. She said, ‘just start writing, anything, and the ideas will emerge.’ And they did. Those words should have been imprinted on my memory.

To get to the nub, I have, in the last few days, written a short poem which I call Carribean Reggae. It needs reworking before I am satisfied with it. I followed my tutor’s advice and started writing, in this instance after hearing someone speak about Windrush on Radio 4.

If you would like help to get started with your writing why not give us a call. We are happy to support and keen for others to join us.


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